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PT. Bitnet Komunikasindo provides global SD-WAN (Software –Define WAN)  manage services that marry the nuts and bolt of connectivity and hardware with the benefits of a Software Defined Network. A fully manage virtual service based on our years of experience in demystifying all the pieces of the Internet puzzle. The growth of SD-WAN is driven by the Cloud and the need for Enterprise networks to deliver flexibility, consistently high performance and cost effective. SD-WAN have evolved to the point where the majority of traffic is directly to the Internet. As a result, enterprise with global presence are struggling to meet major challenges: How to cope the higher bandwidth demands; How to optimize Cloud Connectivity; How to manage cost effectively? The challenge are hard to manage using the standard WAN architectures develop over precious decades. WAN architectures based on private, legacy technologies can be a barrier to delivering the optimal user experience for modern business application. Implementing SD-WAN can help business meet these WAN challenges and deliver a range of compelling benefits when deployed effectively.

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